A Poem Rains Down

Elena Muslar

A Poem Rains Down, by Elena Muslar (pt. 1 of 5).jpg

Every day is another hurricane

A wave of emotions

Festering until explosion

Wind whistling

Wins misting

Went missing

A Poem Rains Down, by Elena Muslar (pt. 2 of 5).jpg

Hopes and dreams of yesterday

Sway away into the next sky blue day

A sun set in a cracked frame

A sun rises in the ember of a flame

Hurried rain


Claimed reign

Over sublime terrain

A Poem Rains Down, by Elena Muslar (pt. 3 of 5).jpg

Tip toe into the meltdown of mediocrity

Slink head first into the nitty gritty

Pick up the pieces of personality

Buried treasure

Hidden potential

Hide for sure

Bury the tension

Under the rubble lives the trouble

A Poem Rains Down, by Elena Muslar (pt. 4 of 5).jpg

Evacuation attempts cease to relent

Impacted volcanos in minds wide lens

Push against synaptic mechanisms

Sparks ignite fluid momentum

Each moment piques attention

Play the part with peculiar intention

A Poem Rains Down, by Elena Muslar (pt. 5 of 5).jpg

Under attack love of life fights back

Rushing though

Dawning anew

Wreaking havoc to fuel you

A Poem Rains Down

by Elena Muslar



the process

This shoot with the unbelievably talented Elena Muslar was a perfect little microcosm of my ideal creative environment. It is a way of creating that is driven by presence, honoring our collaborators, and letting intuition be our guide to expression.

Elena and I have known each other for years and have been supportive of each other’s work. This was the first time we actually collaborated thanks to Elena’s incredible ability to be a visionary creative who also brings that creativity to the earthly realm of getting shit done.

It was just before the winter solstice and Elena came over to my home for the shoot. Before we even touched a camera, we lit the fire, turned out the lights, and made tea. We proceeded to talk for over an hour, catching each other up on our lives, our dreams, and what was currently challenging and inspiring us. We dropped into a state of open-hearted trust and vulnerability in each other. At that point, I picked up the camera and the two of us worked in near silence. Elena trusted me enough to slip into a trance and express her feeling state through her body. I trusted her process and felt honored to be witness to it. Eventually the process came to an end, we returned to the earthly realm, and said our goodbyes.

When I went to write the captions for the photos, I remembered that Elena is a writer of remarkable depth. When I asked Elena if she would be interested in writing the captions herself, she reached into her past and shared this poem.

A final piece of work is a symbolic representation of the spiritual journeys of each person who contributed to the piece. Each part of the creative process can be an opportunity for healing. This is how I choose to create.

Love & light,